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Credible Reasons to Revamp Your Wardrobe With Sustainable Hemp Clothing

by Naomi Frazier

As environmental degradation steadily comes to the forefront, more people are looking for practical ways to make a positive and lasting impact on the planet. And while measures such as recycling and making the switch to solar energy are popular solutions, there is a growing interest in personal changes that would also help with limiting one's carbon footprint. One of the best places that you can start is with what you wear. Although not many people think of the fashion industry as a heavy polluter, the reality is that a wide array of synthetic fibres contain dyes, plastics and other contaminants that make their way into the earth and waterways, eventually harming marine and wildlife.

A better option that you can consider is sustainable hemp clothing. This organic material is steadily making its mark in the textile industry since it is easy to grow, naturally durable as well as fully biodegradable. But these are not the only advantages that it offers. If you want to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle, check out the following credible reasons why you should revamp your wardrobe with sustainable hemp clothing.

Sustainable hemp clothing is astonishingly comfortable

If you have never interacted with hemp fabric before, you could be thinking that this material will feel rigid and scratching, almost the same as burlap, but you would be mistaken. The reality is that hemp is naturally soft to the touch, which makes it ideally suited to textile manufacturing. But the softness of its texture is not the only reason why sustainable hemp clothing is comfortable.

One quality of hemp is its antibacterial properties. Hence, unlike some other fabrics, hemp will not be vulnerable to odours that come about when bacteria interact with sweat. Second, this fabric is naturally moisture-wicking, which is not only great for Australia's tropical climate, but you have the option of hemp activewear, too. It is also worth noting that despite being breathable, hemp clothing is an insulator, too, so you can be assured your hemp clothing is wearable irrespective of the season.

Sustainable hemp clothing is surprisingly long-lasting

Generally, supple textiles such as cotton and cashmere will require consistent upkeep to ensure that the material does not lose its durability and structure, but this is not a responsibility you will have to be concerned about when you choose sustainable hemp clothing. Despite being naturally soft, hemp fibres are also renowned for their innate robustness, to the point that hemp fibres are commonly employed in the manufacture of ropes and other heavy-duty items.

This durability will prove beneficial in a couple of ways. For starters, sustainable hemp clothing will not distort or warp irrespective of how active you are and how many washes it undergoes. Secondly, you get to save money for the long term, as you do not have to replace your hemp clothing frequently.

Contact a local clothing store to ask about their selection of sustainable hemp clothing.