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3 Hi-Vis Workwear Solutions for Summer Jobs

by Naomi Frazier

Hi-vis workwear is a quick and easy way of keeping your crews safe. If they are working in potentially dangerous situations, such as on roads or railway projects, then they need to be easily seen from a distance.

However, it isn't always easy to get people to wear hi-vis clothes consistently when the weather is really hot. If you're doing a hard manual job and the sun is beating down, then some hi-vis options simply aren't comfortable. If this is something your team struggles with, which clothes work well here?

1. T-shirts and Singlets

While many companies give out hi-vis work shirts and vests, these can get too hot when the weather is warm. Shirts sometimes feel heavy, and you usually wear a vest over other clothes which adds an extra layer you don't want when you're hot. People sometimes forget why they are wearing these items. They take them off to cool down without thinking about what they are doing. As an alternative, you can buy a lighter shirt alternative for hot weather. For example, you can buy lightweight hi-vis t-shirts and singlets. These won't feel heavy or too uncomfortable.

2. Shorts

Again, full workwear pants can be constricting and uncomfortable in hotter weather. These pants are meant to be sturdy and strong so that they last a long time; however, even lightweight materials may make your legs feel too hot. In some cases, it makes sense to switch to wearing shorts during the summer. You still get hi-vis benefits here; however, your crew will get more air circulating around their legs. This could keep them cooler and make them feel more comfortable.

3. Hats

Your workwear can also help protect your workers from the effects of the sun. While you may currently leave this up to them, you can use hi-vis headwear products to give them extra protection. For example, hi-vis hats don't just make their wearers more noticeable. They also provide a useful head covering and shade the eyes when the sun is high. You can also pick different kinds of hats according to your preferences and needs. A simple peaked cap may work well on some jobs; a bucket hat gives all-round protection for others. If your crew needs to wear hard hats, you can even add hi-vis brims that sit around the hat. These add visibility and protect the back of the neck.

To see examples of your options, contact hi-vis workwear suppliers.