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Bespoke Suits | 3 Swanky Suit Tips For Well Dressed Muscular Men

by Naomi Frazier

When you're a gym aficionado, it can be a tad difficult finding the right suit for your well-built frame. Readymade suits are unlikely to fit you because of your altered broad chest and narrow waist proportions, so you'll want to choose either custom-made suits or bespoke suits for your body frame. Here are some swanky suit tips for muscular men to give you a stylish and elegant appearance, whether you choose custom-made or bespoke suits.

Choose Jackets With Minimal Shoulder Padding

You'll ideally want to pay close attention to the way your jacket fits around your shoulders. Make sure you choose jackets with natural shoulders, instead of ones with excessive padding. When you already have a muscular upper frame, you certainly don't need padding to build your shoulder mass. Instead, choose jackets with minimal or no padding because they will naturally fit around your well-built shoulder frame. Keep in mind that any padding will make your shoulders look broader than they already are. This will give your body an unusual shape when paired against your narrow waistline.

Be Careful With Your Jacket Waist Suppression

Most muscular men have a problem with the jacket waist because there is a significant different between their waist and chest measurements. Your waist is likely to be strikingly narrower than your chest, so you'll need to tread carefully when deciding your jacket waist fit. Make sure your jacket waist is not billowy or boxy because that will end up giving you a square and shapeless look. Similarly, you don't want an odd-looking body shape with an extra narrow jacket waist. This is why choosing custom-made or bespoke suits will make a difference to your final fit. You can work with your tailor to identify the best possible jacket waist fit for your specific body type.

Choose Trousers To Fit Larger Thighs

Most muscular men have larger thighs that look strange on readymade pants meant for regular-framed men. A simple solution is to get your pant fitted by a tailor to meet your body specifications. You will probably need to create more room in your thigh region, while getting the tailor to take in your pant waist. Make sure you have enough room for your thighs, hamstrings and quads when sitting and standing because you don't want something too tight. If you buy readymade trousers, be sure to check for extra material in the thigh area. This way you can let it out if it doesn't sit well on you.

Men with muscular frames would benefit most from custom-made or bespoke suits because they can find the perfect fit for their individual body shapes.