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Buy Luggage Online | 3 Calculative Tips To Buy Duffel Bags For Travelling

by Naomi Frazier

Duffel bags are excellent additions to suitcases when travelling on flights, especially if you are planning smaller trips from your vacation destination and don't want to lug big suitcases around. Whether you choose to buy luggage online from companies like Sweeney Luggage Centre or in-store, some important factors may influence your purchasing decision. Follow these tips to help you buy duffel bags for travelling.

Look For a Duffel Bag With Multiple Compartments For Easy Packing and Unpacking

When you're looking for ease of unpacking and packing, you'll want a duffel bag with multiple compartments and pockets to help you separate your travel items for better organisation. You'll also want to consider the main zipper orientation to determine how easy or hard it is to remove large items –– you'll ideally want a D-shaped zipper that covers the length and breadth of the bag to place or remove items because they enable to access space more easily.  A straight zipper doesn't give you the same amount of flexibility for placing larger items inside the duffel bag. Multiple pockets and compartments will allow you to place smaller items like socks, underwear, gloves and hats without having to struggle to find them in the main compartment.

Think of How You Want to Carry The Duffel Bag When Choosing Transporting Features

You could hold the duffel bag in your hand, roll it on the floor, mount it on your back like a backpack or sling it over your shoulder. When you choose to buy luggage online or even in-store, consider what is most comfortable for you before making a decision. Most duffel bags don't come with backpack straps. If you're looking for this feature, then find a bag with detachable backpack straps. If you're comfortable with slinging the backpack over your shoulder, make sure the strap has robust padding so the weight of the bag doesn't sink into your skin to cause painful luggage-strap scratches on your shoulder. If you want to roll the bag on the ground while walking long distances, choose a duffel bag that's straddled on wheels. Some duffel bags come with all these features, including wheels, backpack straps, padded shoulder straps and carry straps –– ideal choices for undecided travellers.  

Choose Lightweight and Water Resistant Materials

Weight is an all-important factor because of luggage restrictions on most airlines, so you'll want to choose lightweight materials that are durable and resistant to water. Water resistance is especially important when you're walking through rainstorms or sledding on ice. Nylon, polyester and PVC are generally impervious to water and relatively lightweight. Keep in mind that if you choose a duffel bag with wheels, your luggage weight is likely to increase slightly.

Whether you choose to buy luggage online or from a store, keep this smart tips in mind for choosing the right duffel bag for your travel needs.