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Pole Dancing | A Beginner's Guide To Footwear

by Naomi Frazier

There are various reasons why you may want to learn to pole dance. Maybe you want to heat things up in the bedroom or maybe you're after a more novel way to stay fit. When you are first learning how to pole dance, the best thing would be to start your classes barefoot. This is to avoid any accidents before you are comfortable with the routines and the steps.

Once you have become confident in your pole dancing, you could then contemplate purchasing some flats or low heels to keep practicing on. Here are some tips that can come in handy when it comes to choosing the right dance shoes:

Select dance shoes with traction

When choosing shoes for pole dancing, you should ensure that the soles have adequate grip. Most floors will be smooth and polished so you need to ensure that your feet are securely planted on the ground. This should avoid sliding on the floor slip-ups when you are dismounting off the pole. Your dance shoes should also be securely strapped on to your feet.

There are occasions that your shoes may fly off during a pole dancing move thus having them securely strapped on will avoid this. Your dance shoes should also have adequate traction to enable you to hold on to the pole using your feet. The right dance shoes will protect you from bruises while giving you the required balance on the pole.

Avoid buckles and studs

Big buckles or flashy studs may make your dance shoes look more attractive. However, if you are a newbie, these additions make it easier for you to injure yourself as you learn the basic routines. Not only do they have the potential of bruising and scratching you, but they can also cause damage to the pole especially if you are not adept at this form of dancing. Beginners should sick to basic designs as they build their pole dancing confidence.

Upgrade to heels

When you finally have achieved pole-dancing prowess, you may start to consider getting pole-dancing shoes with a higher heel. High heels elongate your body especially your legs making you look like you have never-ending limbs. This will make your pole-dancing look even more exotic.

Pole dancing heels start as low as a couple and you can go as high as you want depending on your preference. When you are buying these heels, ensure that they have padding in their insoles so that you are comfortable dancing in them for extended periods.