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Beyond the Game: 5 Alternative Gifts for Video Game Lovers

by Naomi Frazier

You want to give your kids or grandkids a gift. Like most of their generation, they love video games, and although you don't necessarily disapprove, you do not want to give them a video game as a gift. Want to make your non-video game gift a success? Here are five gifts that will impress even the most avid video game addict:

1. AFL Jerseys

Most video game players eventually foray into the world of video games based on sporting events. One of the most popular franchises in this vein is the FIFA series. This game includes every team in FIFA including teams from the Australian Football League.

If you know the child on your gift list has this game, consider getting them a jersey. Even if they are not a live sports fan, this game often pulls kids into that hobby. Check out resources like Jerseys Megastore for a look at your options.

2. Posters, Plushies and Accessories

Just as fans of the FIFA game like AFL jerseys and other football jerseys, video game players typically enjoy any products that tie in with their favourite games. Find out which game your child or grandchild likes the most and buy them some related merchandise. Depending on the game they like, you can find anything such as plushies, posters, duvet covers, necklaces and more.

3. Video Game Documentary

If you want to tie learning into your child or grandchild's passion, consider getting them a documentary on video games. A documentary about games can look at their history or how they are programmed. It could also look at how history, culture and literature are reflected in games.

4. Walkthrough Guide Book

While playing video games, some kids like to don an AFL jersey and pretend to be a professional football player. Others prefer to pretend like they are in the military or living in medieval times. Regardless of which type of game your child or grandchild likes, they will be able to learn more about it through a video game guide book. Giving a gift like this also encourages your child or grandchild to read more often.

5. Real Life Gaming Experiences

If your child or grandchild likes to play racing games, consider giving him a similar experience in real life. You could give him tickets to watch a car race, or you can buy him or her a gift certificate to get into a go-kart track so they can have a little fun behind the wheel.

If they like other games, see if you can give them an experience that relates to that. If they like football games, for example, give them an AFL jersey and tickets to a game. If they like war games, take them to a paintball field.