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Buying a Truly Enviable Valentine's Day Gift

by Naomi Frazier

Ah, Valentine's Day - the time of year when you can guarantee your wife or girlfriend will be comparing the gift you got her with every other woman in the office or her social group. Rather than dismissing the concept of romantic holidays, why not harness your competitive spirit and buy your sweetheart a gift she can boast about to her friends.

Gorgeous pyjamas

Rather than lingerie, where fit is everything and size can vary substantially between brands and styles, buy your sweetheart a new pair of pyjamas. Aim for a similar style to what she usually wears, but in a luxurious fabric such as silk or cashmere. Before you buy your partner's normal size be sure to ask the shop assistant if this sleepwear runs true to size, or whether you should buy a size smaller or larger.

A personalised piece of jewellery

Rather than buying a mass produced piece of jewellery, head online and get a necklace or ring personalised with a favourite memory of your romance together, perhaps with your initials or anniversary dates included. Even if you aren't ready to buy *the* ring, a personalised piece of jewellery shows your forethought and planning, and is a lovely object to be discussed between friends. 

A must-have handbag

If your partner has a celebrity style icon, they might like to have a copy of that celebrities "must have" handbag. While you may not be able to access that particular handbag (especially from Australia), why not find a picture in a magazine and head into some of the popular handbag stores. The store can often find you a local handbag that has a similar style 'inspiration'. You'll get plenty of points from your partner for both your celebrity research skills and the effort taken to hunt down a similar bag.

A session with a personal shopper

If your partner has recently gained or lost weight it can be hard to estimate what clothes might suit them. A session with a personal shopper with companies such as TheStyle Effect Pty Ltd, and some money for new clothing, can be a wonderful excuse for your partner to pamper herself and get some new well fitting clothes. 

As you can see buying a thoughtful gift requires a little more planning and effort, but it will give you a lot more brownie points than a service station with a bunch of flowers will!