Still There, Clare and other stories by Yvonne Prinz

"Clare would get along smashingly with Margaret from Are You There God...? or Anne from Anne of Green Gables."
San Francisco Chronicle

Still There, Clare

Enter the world of almost-13-year-old Clare and her best friend Elsa. Clare and Elsa are opposites: Clare's idea of style is a Superman T-shirt and torn jeans, while Elsa sports outfits with matching accessories. Clare is a long-distance runner who can't always find the right words, while Elsa walks slowly but talks fast. Clare's sense of humor is dark and ironic, Elsa's is bright and witty. But the most unusual thing about Clare and Elsa is the fact that Elsa is imaginary. Clare invented her years ago, when she was the lonely daughter of two career-track lawyers. Now, as Clare turns 13, her mother has quit her job to become a stay-at-home parent ("I think she follows other mothers around the supermarket and buys whatever they buy," scoffs Clare). Clare decides that it's finally time to try life without Elsa. But will Elsa let her go?

Still There, Clare is a BOOKSENSE PICK and was also nominated for an IPPY and a RED CEDAR AWARD.

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Not Fair, Clare

Clare's got a new best friend named Allison, discovers she's a natural-born actress and wins a part in the school play, and has a crush on the leading man. She's even got a new job: Personal bodyguard for her new neighbor, Patience, the fastest moving, most accident prone eight-year-old on the planet. This hilarious entry in the Clare series tackles common issues in the lives of young people: jealousy, competition, crushes, responsibility, and more.

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Double Dare Clare

Just when you thought you couldn't live without her, Clare returns with a whole new set of adventures. While wrapping Christmas gifts at the mall, Clare falls head over heels for one of Santa's elves, the infamous Vince, resident bad boy in tights. Allison takes a tumble of her own, falling for none other than Paul, Clare's former best friend, home from private school for the holidays. All is holly and jolly 'til Clare discovers Vince's true colors and then it's Elsa to the rescue . . . again!

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About the Author:
Yvonne Prinz

Yvonne Prinz was born in Edmonton, Alberta. She started writing VERY short stories at the age of six and dreamed of becoming a novelist one day. Since 1989 she has lived in the San Francisco area where she and her husband founded an independent record store called Amoeba Music.

Still There, Clare, Yvonne's first YA novel, was first published in 2004, but it's back by popular demand with a new look and two brand-new friends.


Yvonne's newest novel, The Vinyl Princess will be available in bookstores on December 22. You can order it here:

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Yvonne talks about writing the Clare series...

"After writing three Clare books, I think of these characters as my friends, especially Clare. I love to create new situations and problems for her to deal with and then I just sit back and watch.

"Whenever I put a new book out, it's like sending a child out into the world, you just hope everyone likes her as much as you do. Creating the Clare characters has been a wonderful experience. We're one big happy dysfunctional family."